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This section is about Models & Techniques developed about Performance Management:
books QEST/LIME: QEST is a multi-dimensional performance management model, initially created for managing software projects, but that can be used in a whatever application domain. LIME represent its extension for being applied through the different lifecycle phases.
books BMP: Balancing Multiple Perspective is a technique for allowing the proper choice of measures (and their related management cost) distributing them among the perspectives of the multiple stakeholders for a project, filtering them also at the light of the greater informative value coming out from their causal linkage.
books Q-RCA: Quantitative Root-Cause Analysis is a technique for depicting a typical Ishikawa diagram (aka 'fishbone' diagram) using mind maps and refining the analysis till the latest possible bone(s), deriving the associated measure(s) by a GQM analysis.

Most of those referred sources are available from the web for free download.
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