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The goal of the SEMQ website is to offer information on Software Measurement, Process Improvement and Quality Management from a different perspective, in a middle way between the R&D and the Industry perspectives.
Born in 1999 with few pages strictly devoted to Software Measurement, during the years we added more contents looking at a different view and more comprehensive view on Measurement, trying to propose also info on Organizational Measurement with Balanced Scorecards (BSC), Process Improvement through Maturity Models and TQM-SixSigma techniques, R&D issues as our proposal for a new KA in the IEEE SWEBOK 2010 Edition, as well as Simulation Games for learning in a less boring way technical skills, proposing also new original ideas.
Hoping you'll enjoy the visit, please do not hesitate to contact us for suggesting more contents, links and other stuffs on the SEMQ issues for sharing the knowledge!

[Events] IFPUG ISMA12 in Rome (Italy), May 3-5 2016 - Few seats available...more than 300 people, come and join us! (Apr 2016)
[Events] ISBSG/ICEAA IT Confidence 2016 in Los Angeles (USA), Sept 7- Call fro Presentation (Feb 2016)
[News] Software Measurement News 2016/01 (Mar 2016)
[Events] IWSM-MENSURA 2016 in Berlin (Germany), Oct 5-7 (Jan 2016)
[Events] IFPUG ISMA 11 in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Nov 18: presentations available (Nov 2015)
[Standards] COSMIC-IFPUG Common Glossary on NFRs document downloadble (Sept 2015)
[Events] ISBSG IT Confidence 2015 in Florence (Italy), Oct 19- presentations available (Sept 2015)
[Events] IWSM-MENSURA 2015 in Krakow (Poland), Oct 5-7 (Sept 2015)
[Events] 1st GUFPI-ISMA 2015 event in Rome (Italy), May 14 (Mar 2015)
[Events] IFPUG ISMA10 in Charlotte(NC, USA), Apr 27-30 (Mar 2015)
[News] ISBSG March 2015 Newsletter (Mar 2015)
[News] Software Measurement News 2015/01 (Mar 2015)
[Events] IWSM-MENSURA 2015 in Cracow (Poland), Sept 9 (Feb 2015)
[Proceedings] ISBSG IT Confidence 2014 (Tokyo, 22/10/2010): Presentations available (Nov 2014)
[FSM] IFPUG CSP Exam Session (Milan - Italy, 09/09/2014): Registrations open (Aug 2014)
[FSM] COSMIC Foundation Exam Session (Milan - Italy, 09/09/2014): Registrations open (Aug 2014)
[FSM] COSMIC Annual Report 2013 (Aug 2014)
[Events] IWSM-MENSURA 2014: Final Program (Aug 2014)
[Events] 1st GUFPI-ISMA 2014 event in Rome (Italy), May 6 (Feb 2014)
[FSM] New GUFPI-ISMA website (Feb 2014)
[Events] 3rd GUFPI-ISMA 2013 event in Naples (Italy), December 3 (Oct 2013)
[FSM] COSMIC MM v4.0 is arriving... (Oct 2013)
[FSM] New IFPUG Board of Directors members: SEMQ will contribute! (Oct 2013)
[Events] 2nd GUFPI-ISMA 2013 event in Bologna (Italy), September 12 (Aug 2013)
[FSM] Available the latest IFPUG MetricViews issue (August 2013)
[FSM] IFPUG SNAP APM v2.1 come out! Quick Guide available (right frame) (May 2013)
[Events] 1st GUFPI-ISMA 2013 event in Rome, June 3 (May 2013)
[FSM] Released IFPUG SNAP (Software Non-functional Assessment Process) APM v2.1 on Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) (April 2013)
[FSM] New COSMIC guideline on 'Measurement Patterns' (Apr 2013)
[Events] IT Confidence 2013 Conference (Rio de Janeiro, Oct 3 2013) - Submissions still open (Apr 2013)
[SPI] January-February 2013 Issue of STSC's Crosstalk journal on "Software Project Management: Lessons Learned" (January 2013)
[ITSM] 'At Your Service' New issue (October 2012)
[FSM] New IFPUG MetricViews issue with a paper on SNAP and Non-Functional productivity (September 2012)
[FSM] Available the IFPUG CFPS/CFPP v4.3.1 exam also in Italian (August 2012)

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