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books Ph.D. in "Management Information Systems" - XI Cycle - A.A. 1995-98. His thesis is about Software Metrics and Quality, with particular attention to Software Process Improvement through Software Product Assessment.
books Master Degree in Economics (cum laude), at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", 1995 with a thesis in Computer Science entitled "Graphical User Interface (GUI): technical, economic and social advantages".

Working experience
books Actually he is working in Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (formerly Engineering.IT, Atos Origin Italy, SchlumbergerSema and Sema Group) as Measurement & Process Improvement Specialist, managing the SPIMQ (Software Process Improvement, Measurement & Quality) program. In 2003 he coordinated as SEPG Leader the tasks for achieving the Sw-CMM v1.1 Maturity Level 3 (see press news: Italian-English). Previously he also worked as Project Quality Manager for CRM projects.
books Previously, he has worked as Software Engineer at the European Software Institute (ESI) in the Measurement Product-Line (1998-2000), with a particular attention to the Balanced IT Scorecard (BITS) and EFQM developments for the ICT domain (EFQM-SPICE; EFQM+BITS)

books IFPUG CSMS (Certified Software Measurement Specialist), Level 3 (Consultant) (2006-09; 2009-12).
books IFPUG CFPS (Certified Software Function Point Specialist) (2012-15; 2015-18).
books COSMIC Entry-level, v3 (Nov 2009).
books All the ITIL v3 certifications, till the Expert level (2009-2012); he's also an ITIL Approved Trainer.
books COBIT v4.1 Foundation (Mag 2010).
books TOGAF v9 Foundation (Apr 2012).
books IFPUG CSP (Ott 2013).
books The two PRINCE2 certifications (2013).
books IASSC Certified Yellow Belt (Nov 2014).

Research Activities & Academical Appointments
books He is "Associate Professor" at the University of Montreal (UQAM, 1999-2003; ETS, 2003-2006; 2006-2009; 2009-2011; 2011-2014; 2014-17), presenting with regularity at International Conferences on Software Measurement and Quality from 1997.
books Member of CUBIT at the Computer Science Department of the University of Alcala' (Madrid, Spain)
books Director of Conference & Education Committee (2013-16), member of IFPUG (International Function Point User Group) committees: Educational & Conference (2010-2013), Management Reporting Committee (MRC) (2009-2012), NFSSC (2012-).
books Coordinator of the Technical and Product Advisory Group in ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group) (2007-)
books Partner of the Software Engineering Group at the Department of Distributed Systems, Faculty of Computer Science, Otto von-Guericke University of Madgeburg (Germany)
books Partner of the Software Management Research Group (SMRG) at the Informatics Institute, Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turchia)
books Program Committee Member for several Software Engineering Events and Groups from 2001.
books Reviewer for the SWEBOK project - Stoneman phase (version 0.7 and Trial 1.0), IronMan (2004 version) and version 2010.
books Technical reviewer for Software Engineering journals as Transaction on Software Engineering, IEEE Software, IEEE Computer and Annals of Software Engineering , and guides (COBIT and IT Service CMM) and for Software Engineering Conferences
books Lecturer for PhD courses on Software Measurement & Quality (DIT, 2004)
books His main scientific interests are about software measurement, software quality and process improvement, multidimensional performance models and design of GUIs. He developed and was part of ESPRIT and Basque Government projects on metric programs, EFQM models, the Balanced IT Scorecard and QFD for software.

books Member of IEEE Computer Society, AICA (Italian Association for Computer Science) and the Italian Association on Quality Culture (AICQ).
books Delegate at GUFPI-ISMA (Italian Function Point User Group - Italian Software Metrics Association) representing Engineering.it (2008-), where has been one of the founders of the Software Measurement Committee (SMC), and formerly representing the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (1997-98), SchlumbergerSema (2001-2003) and Atos Origin Italy (2004-2007).
books President of GUFPI-ISMA (2013-16), Vice-President (2009-12), Member of the Board of Directors (2004-08), Event Manager (2007-08)
books Coordinator of the AICQci Working Group on "CMMI and other Maturity Models" (2005-)
books Member of the 2003-2004 CMG-Italia Board of Directors, Italian chapter of Computer Measurement Group (CMG) representing SchlumbergerSema
books Founding Member of ISIPM (Istituto Italiano di Project Management - Italian Institute for Project Management) (2005-2010)
books Board of Directors of ITSMF Italy (2013-16) and Communication Manager, participating to WG2 on ISO/IEC 20000 appraisals (2008-09) and leading a new WG on ITSM Mappings (2009-10) and also the WG on a ISO 20000-1 Light Maturity Model (LMM)(2011-12).
books Member of Automotive SPIN Italia, participating to ASAI (AutomotiveSPICE Assessors & Improvers) WG (2009-); leading the MASP (Metrics in Autotive Software Projects) WG (2011-12)

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books CSIAC (formely DACS) Expert Network: Measurement, Function Point Analysis, Cost Estimation, Software Process Improvement, Agile, Software Quality

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